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GCLSI plans to build a 10GW TOPCon cell production base in Leshan

January 19th, 2022

On January 1, 2022, GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "GCL") announced the modification of the feasibility study report in Leshan's 10GW TOPCon cell production base Project. GCL intends to adjust the "large-formats regenerated wafer semiconductor project" and use part of the raised funds (around 50 million yuan) to continue to invest in the construction of the "Hefei GCLSI 15GW Photovoltaic Module Project". The implementation subject continues to be Hefei GCLSI New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.; the remaining part is used to invest in the construction of "Leshan GCLSI 10GW High-efficiency TOPCon Photovoltaic Cell Production Base (Phase 1 5GW) Project", and the implementation subject is Leshan GCLSI Technology Co., Ltd.


This project is targeting high-efficiency large-formats cells such as TOPCon, It will meet the Hefei gigafactory production demand. After the completion of the project, the company will have independent production capacity of TOPCon cells, increase the gross profit rate of the industry chain, and ease supplier risks, which will help the company enhance its profitability and market competitiveness.