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Golden Concord Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "GCL") is a global leading innovative enterprise that focuses on the integration of hydrogen storage in wind andsolar power generation and source network load storage, new energy, clean energy and new ecology of mobile energy industries, and the coordinated development of silicon materials, lithium materials, carbon materials, integrated circuit core materials and other related industries. The company drives innovation and development with leading green, low-carbon and zero-carbon energy technologies and follows a brand-new development mode of "scientific and technological GCL", "digital GCL" and "green GCL" under the national goals of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality.


Until now, the asset of GCL has reached nearly 200 billion yuan, and its revenue has exceeded 100 billion yuan for many consecutive years. The company has a number of A-share and H-share listed companies such as GCL Tech (03800. HK), GCLSI (002506. SZ), GCL New Energy (00451. HK), and GCL Energy Technology (002015. SZ). There are more than 40,000 GCL employees, among which over 3000 are energy high-tech professionals. The group has been ranked in the top 4 of the global top 500 new energy enterprises, the first place in the new energy industry among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and the top 80 among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises for many consecutive years. GCL is the chairman unit of the Global Solar Council and the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, and the vice chairman unit of the China Electricity Council.


Over the past 32 years since its establishment, GCL has persisted in seeking digital and green development through science and technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation of silicon materials, carbon materials, and lithium materials industrial chains. The company has successfully broken the monopoly of the foreign countries with Its original GCL polysilicon technology and promoted the grid parity for solar power generation. The group owns a series of zero-carbon core technologies which lead the evolution of the industry, such as granular silicon, perovskite, semiconductor, positive and negative electrode materials. It is the earliest and leading private power enterprise in China, and its installed capacity of clean energy tops the industry. GCL has a vertically-integrated solar supply chain, and undertakes the national major science and technology 02 project by cooperating with the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund. It has grown into an innovative enterprise approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and one of the very few domestic enterprises with import substitution technology and production capacity of chips materials in the fields of electronic grade polysilicon, 12-inch large silicon chip and large wafer for integrated circuits.


GCL has always been following the CPC's instructions and direction and promoting the green development with red genes under the guidance ofthe new strategy on energy security proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The company has exerted great efforts to achieve high-quality development, accelerated the energy production and consumption revolution, helped build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and strived to be an active practitioner of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals and the new strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation" on energy security. Up till now, GCL has 12 CPC committees, 5 general Party branches, 120 Party branches, and more than 3000 CPC members. The company attaches great importance to giving play to the vanguard and exemplary role of CPC members and the fighting fortress role of Party organizations, constantly strengthening the Party's ideological construction, organizational construction, work style construction, system construction, and anti-corruption construction, consciously implementing the Party's principles and policies and the "two studies and one action" theme in the Party's activities, and guiding the production and operation of the enterprise with new development concepts, so as to inject strong ideological power into its development.


Adhering to the concept of "bringing green energy into life", GCL keeps deepening enterprise reform, accelerating the pace of strategic transformation, riding the global development trends of clean energy, marketization of power system, integration of energy and digitization and electrification of transportation, complying with the reform of energy supply side, and strengthening the response to energy demand side. The company takes the market as the guide, customer as the center, technology as the driving force, talents as the guarantee, and industry as the carrier, and capital as the foundation to vigorously promote the comprehensive transformation from "a producer of clean energy" to "a comprehensive service provider of clean energy". GCL strives to become a respected global enterprise ofnew energy and clean energy, and realize the dream of "strong GCL, well-off employees and solid society recognition".

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